Electro-Optical Instrumentation: Sensing and Measuring with Lasers

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April 2004



This systematic, up-to-date guide to laser instrumentation for sensing and measurement in contemporary scientific, industrial, automotive and avionics applications presents clear design rules and useful hints for practical implementation of a wide variety of laser instruments. Thorough and accessible, this resource offers balanced coverage of both optical and electronic issues and challenges.


Preface. 1. Introduction. Looking Back to Milestones. References. 2. Alignment, Pointing, and Sizing Instruments. Alignment. Pointing and Tracking. Laser Level. Wire Diameter Sensor. Particle Sizing. References. 3. Laser Telemeters. Triangulation. Time-of-Flight Telemeters. Instrumental Developments of Telemeters. Imaging Telemeters. The LIDAR. References. 4. Laser Interferometry. Overview of Interferometry Applications. The Basic Laser Interferometers. Performance Parameters. Ultimate Limits of Performance. Read-Out Configurations of Interferometry. Laser Vibrometry. Other Applications of Injection Interferometry. White Light Interferometry. References. 5. Speckle-Pattern Instruments. Speckle Properties. Speckle in Single-Point Interferometers. Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry. References. 6. Laser Doppler Velocimetry. Principle of Operation. Performance Parameters. Electronic Processing of the Doppler Signal. Optical Configurations. References. 7. Gyroscopes. Overview. The Sagnac Effect. Basic Gyro Configurations. Development of the RLG. Development of the Fiber Optics Gyro. The Resonant FOG and Other Configurations. The 3x3 FOG for the Automotive. The MEMS Gyro and Other Approaches. References. 8. Optical Fiber Sensors. Introduction. The Optical Strain Gage: A Case Study. Readout Configuration. Multiplexed and Distributed OFS. References. Appendix A0: Nomenclature. Appendix A1: Lasers for Instrumentation. Laser Basics. Frequency Stabilization of the He-Ne Laser. Semiconductor Narrow-Line and Frequency Stabilized Lasers. Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers. Laser Safety Issues. References. Appendix A2: Basic Optical Interferometers. Configurations and Performances. Choice of Optical Components. References. Appendix A3: Propagation through the Atmosphere. Turbidity. Turbulence. References. Appendix A4: Optimum Filter for Timing. Appendix A5: Propagation and Diffraction. Propagation. The Fresnel Approximation. Examples. References. Appendix A6: Source of Information on Electro-Optical Instrumentation. Index.


SILVANO DONATI is Full Professor and leader of the Electro-Optics Group at the University of Pavia, Italy. His research interests have included laser telemeters, interferometry; fiber gyros and current sensors; speckle pattern, and noise in CCD coupled oscillators. A Fellow Member of IEEE and OSA, and Meritorious Member of AEI, he has authored or coauthored 250 papers, guest edited several leading journals, and earned 10 patents. He is author of Photodetectors (Prentice Hall).

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