Residential Construction Databook

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The data you need to make any residential construction project run more smoothly, efficiently, and economically -- in a single quick-find volume!
Here's a fast, easy, and reliable way for residential builders, contractors, remodelers, architects, and other professionals to stay on top of every essential construction detail and procedure without slogging through hundreds of miscellaneous manuals or consulting with high-priced experts.
Invaluable through every phase of construction, "Residential Construction Databook" includes hundreds of tables, specifications, charts, diagrams, and illustrations, covering all of the materials and components utilized at a typical construction site.
Written by veteran construction expert, Sidney Levy, who has successfully managed hundreds of projects around the world, this highly-visual resource will help you reap sound bottom line benefits:

Plan projects
Estimate costs and materials
Install systems
Quickly locate project specifications
Comply with building codes
Solve common on-site problems
Avoid costly mistakes
Reduce waste, cut costs, maximize profits
Minimize risks and problems
Grasp and utilize easy-to-understand construction principles
No matter what your role in residential construction, you'll find answers you can build and bank on in "Residential Construction Databook."
The "all-in-one" sourcebook you'll turn to through every phase of residential construction!


Section 1: Soils, Site Work, Excavation Equipment

Section 2: Site Utility Piping, Manholes, Storm Sewers

Section 3: Concrete and Masonry Work

Section 4: Landscaping

Section 5: Structural Steel and Metal Framing

Section 6: Wood Lumber, Carpentry

Section 7: Glulams, I Joists, Trusses

Section 8: Roofing

Section 9: Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) and Vinyl Siding

Section 10: Gypsum Drywall Systems

Section 11: Millwork, Cabinetry and Laminates

Section 12: Doors and Windows

Section 13: Acoustics and Sound Control

Section 14: Finishes--Painting, Tile, Flooring



Sidney M. Levy is a principal in his own construction business with more than 40 years in the industry. The author of 12 books, including several devoted to international construction and the award-winning Project Management in Construction, published in both English, Spanish, and Japanese editions, he travels widely from his office in Baltimore, Maryland.
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