A Philadelphia Perspective: The Civil War Diary of Sidney George Fisher

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April 2007



An aristocratic member of a prominent Philadelphia family, Sidney George Fisher (1809?1871) was a prolific man of letters. Between 1834 and 1871, he kept a detailed diary that chronicled not only daily life in America's second city but also the key political, social, and cultural events of the nineteenth century. Published in 1967, Fisher's diary quickly became one of the most remarkable works of its kind; few published diaries are as incisive and illuminating of their era. Brilliant journalism, the Diary is rich with Fisher's own observations?on secession, war and peace, his admiration for Lincoln, and his complicated feelings about slavery and emancipation. The Diary, with a new introduction by Jonathan W. White, joins those of George Templeton Strong and Mary Boykin Chesnut as classic windows on America during the War Between the States.


JONATHAN W. WHITE is a Ph.D. candidate in United States History at the University of Maryland College Park. He has published articles on Civil War politics in Civil War History, American Nineteenth Century History, The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, and Pennsylvania Heritage. In 2005 he was awarded the John T. Hubbell Prize for the best article in Civil War history for the previous year.


"Invaluable... many insights into the life and thought of the nineteenth century.... [Fisher's] comments are stimulating, often barbed.... the narrative is smooth-flowing and fascinating." - American Historical Review "An important literary event.... an invaluable historical source.... unexcelled." - Pennsylvania History"
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