TCP/IP Essentials: A Lab-Based Approach

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The TCP/IP family of protocols has become the de facto standard in the world of networking. Found in virtually all computer communication systems, they form the basis of today's Internet. Including a series of carefully designed laboratory experiments that span the various elements of protocol definition and behavior, this book is a hands-on guide to TCP/IP technologies. The experiments are described in a Linux environment, with parallel notes on Solaris implementation. The book includes homework exercises, and supplementary material for instructors is available. It is aimed at electrical engineering and computer science students, and will also be valuable for engineers studying for networking certifications.


Preface; Note to instructors; Acknowledgements; General conventions; List of abbreviations; TCP/IP overview; 1. Linux and TCP/IP networking; 2. A single segment network; 3. Bridges, LANs and the Cisco IOS; 4. Static and dynamic routing; 5. UDP and its applications; 6. TCP study; 7. Multicast and realtime service; 8. The web, DHCP, NTP and NAT; 9. Network management and security; References and further reading; Appendix A: instructor's guide; Appendix B: initial configuration of the routers; Appendix C: source code; Appendix D: list of key requests for comments (RFC); Index.


Shivendra S. Panwar is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Polytechnic University, Brookyln. He is currently the Director of the New York State Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT). He is the author of over 80 refereed papers. Shiwen Mao is a Research Associate in The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech. Jeong-dong Ryoo is a senior member of staff at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejon, South Korea. Yihan Lee is a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn.


'... the underlying theory is presented at a level sufficient to understand how something works, without descending into unnecessary detail or patronizing through oversimplification ... this book gives a concise and refreshingly approachable description of Internet-related networking topics. Taken as a complete package, the hands-on approach results in a more thorough grasp of the concepts involved than would usually be possible with a dry academic text. Overall, this is both a useful guide and a handy, high-level reference.' IEE Communications Engineer
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