Nylon as Denture Base Resin

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Thermoplastic resins have been used in dentistry for over 50 years and during this period their applications have continued to grow. They have outstandingly gained interest both by the professionals and the public. The main goal of today's prosthetic dentistry is the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the whole maxillofacial system. The dentists have to meet growing demands for prosthetic rehabilitation due to population aging and higher requirements on the quality of life. With the development of new properties, thermoplastic resins are surely stretching Prosthodontics within limits.


Dr. Shivani Kohli specializes in Prosthodontics including Crown & Bridge and Implantology and is presently working as a Senior Lecturer in MAHSA University, Malaysia. She pursued her B.D.S from MCODS, Mangalore (Manipal University) and M.D.S from CODS, Davangere. She is a member of Indian Prosthdontic Society and Malaysian Dental Association.
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