A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics

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November 2006



This is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the diagnosis, clinical features and management of inherited disorders conferring cancer susceptibility. This new edition is fully updated with much more molecular, screening and management information. It covers risk analysis and genetic counseling for individuals with a family history of cancer, and also discusses predictive testing and the organization of the cancer genetics service. It aims to provide such details in a practical format for geneticists and clinicians in all disciplines. This book differs from others in the field in that it is a practical handbook for easy reference for a wide clinical audience. There is a large reference list for further details, as well as information about the genes causing mendelian cancer predisposing condition and their mechanism of action.


Reviews of the first edition: ' As a clinician practicing in the field, if I had to choose one book, it would be this one.' Human Genetics 'The chapters are concise, well written, and extensively outlined.' Oncology 'This book is highly recommended as a reference source to students, practitioners, and specialists. It will serve as an excellent starting point to discuss genetic disorders with patients.' Oncology
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