Handbook of Organizational Justice

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This handbook by Jerry Greenberg and Jason Colquitt brings together an exciting set of chapters that demonstrates both the breadth and the continuing vitality of the field of organizational justice. Both researchers and practitioners with organizational


Contents: Preface. Part I: Introduction. J.A. Colquitt, J. Greenberg, C.P. Zapata-Phelan, What Is Organizational Justice? A Historical Overview of the Field. Part II: Construct Validity Issues. M.L. Ambrose, A. Arnaud, Are Procedural Justice and Distributive Justice Conceptually Distinct? R.J. Bies, Are Procedural Justice and Interactional Justice Conceptually Distinct? J.A. Colquitt, J.C. Shaw, How Should Organizational Justice Be Measured? Part III: The Justice Judgment Process. D.L. Shapiro, J.M. Brett, What Is the Role of Control in Organizational Justice? J.Z. Gillespie, J. Greenberg, Are the Goals of Organizational Justice Self-Interested? R. Folger, R. Cropanzano, B. Goldman, What Is the Relationship Between Justice and Morality? R.J. Lewicki, C. Wiethoff, E.C. Tomlinson, What Is the Role of Trust in Organizational Justice? Part IV: Justice Effects. K. Van den Bos, What Is Responsible for the Fair Process Effect? D.E. Conlon, C.J. Meyer, J.M. Nowakowski, How Does Organizational Justice Affect Performance, Withdrawal, and Counterproductive Behavior? S.L. Blader, T.R. Tyler, How Can Theories of Organizational Justice Explain the Effects of Fairness? R.H. Moorman, Z.S. Byrne, How Does Organizational Justice Affect Organizational Citizenship Behavior? Part V: Justice Applications. R. Vermunt, H. Steensma, How Can Justice Be Used to Manage Stress in Organizations? S.W. Gilliland, J.M.S. Hale, How Can Justice Be Used to Improve Employee Selection Practices? E.F. Stone-Romero, D.L. Stone, How Do Organizational Justice Concepts Relate to Discrimination and Prejudice? D.R. Bobocel, A. Zdaniuk, How Can Explanations Be Used to Foster Organizational Justice? D.P. Skarlicki, G.P. Latham, How Can Training Be Used to Foster Organizational Justice? Part VI: Generalizability Issues. J. Brockner, B. Wiesenfeld, How, When, and Why Does Outcome Favorability Interact With Procedural Fairness? K. Leung, How Generalizable Are Justice Effects Across Cultures? Part VII: Integration. J.A. Colquitt, J. Greenberg, B.A. Scott, Organizational Justice: Where Do We Stand?
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