Semiconductor Physical Electronics

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The updated edition of this book provides comprehensive coverage of fundamental semiconductor physics. This subject is essential to an understanding of the physical and operational principles of a wide variety of semiconductor electronic and optoelectronic devices. It has been revised to reflect advances in semiconductor technologies over the past decade, including many new semiconductor devices that have emerged and entered into the marketplace.


Classification of Solids and Crystal Structure. -Lattice Dynamics and Elements of Quantum Mechanics. -Semiconductor Statistics. -Energy Band Theory for Crystalline Solids. -Equilibrium Properties of Semiconductors. -Recombination Mechanism and Excess Carrier Phenomenon in Semiconductors. -Boltzmann Equation and Transport Properties in Semiconductors. -Scattering Mechanisms and Carrier Mobilities in Semiconductors. -Optical Properties and Photoelectric Effects in Semiconductors. -Metal-Semiconductor Contacts. -P-N Junction Diodes. -Solar Cells and Photodetectors. -Light Emitting Devices. -Bipolar Junction Transistors. -Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors. -Speed III-V Semiconductor Devices
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