Among Insurgents: Walking Through Burma

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Juli 2000



"Among Insurgents" describes the author's journey into Burma through a border area of China closed to foreigners, through the Shan and Kachin States, and out of Burma via an area of India closed to foreigners. En route, he was detained by Communist insurgents, handed over to Kachin insurgents and arrested by the Indian Army. "Among Insurgents" also examines the symbiotic relationship between the civil war in Burma and the international drugs trade. The author interviewed growers of opium poppies and leaders on both sides of the narcotics divide, and his report to the US National Security Council may have contributed to Washington's changed perception of the Burmese Army as the main player in the trade.


Fading red star; the general's house guests; the sons of Wahkyet Wa; the triangle; Kumawng; the rivers; hidden valley; arrest house.


Shelby Tucker is an experienced traveler who has addressed the US National Security Council on Burma and lectured on the Kachins and the Civil War in Burma at SOAS (University of London), the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and elsewhere.
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