Bnramparts of Resistance: Why Workers Lost Their Power and How to Get It Back

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November 2006



A critical history of grasssroots labour struggles from the 1970s to today that calls for a new politics of trade unionism.


Introduction: Focussing on the Rank and File Part One: What Happened 1. The Upsurge: 1968-74 2. 'How Little It Asked' (The Working Class): 1974-79 3. Gone With the Wind: Thatcher, Reagan and the early 1980s 4. Against the Stream: 1894-9 5. The Workers' TINA: Class Warfare in the 1990s 6. Into the 2000s: Seattle ... and September Part Two: What to Make of It All 7. Unions & Unions 8. Punctuation Marks: A Story of Class Consciousness 9. Transitions and Transformations: Which Side Are You On? Glossary Notes Index


Sheila Cohen has been involved in the trade union movement for more than a decade, as an academic and an activist. In 1990-95, she produced and edited a British rank and file union newsletter, Trade Union News, and during her time in the US was closely involved with the Labor Notes project. She recently returned to Britain, where she hopes to continue rank and file support work. She has taught courses on Labour and Trade Union Studies at London Metropolitan University and at the Center for Worker Education in New York.

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