Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century

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September 2006



This edited collection addresses the growing need for ideas and methods conducive to holistic educational practices and aims to encourage more personal growth in students too often distracted by the background noise of war, violence, racism, and environmental deterioration. The contributors are working teachers and professors who have integrated a degree of spirituality into a wide range of classes in both urban and rural settings across the US. This ground breaking collection will provide practical advice about how to implement an ethical and spiritual curriculum while avoiding religious dogmatism.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 'I Feel Good Here': How to Create Harmonious Learning Environments Chapter 3 Bodies in the Classroom Chapter 4 Meditation in the Dance Studio Chapter 5 Using Hatha Yoga Breathing Assignments: An Essay Chapter 6 Awakening the Dragon: Qigong Practice in Literature Class Chapter 7 Circles of Learning in the Women's Studies Class Chapter 8 Using Silence to Promote Spiritual Growth Chapter 9 How Mindfulness Can Help Us Become Better Communicators Chapter 10 Words of Their Own Chapter 11 Personal Narratives for Spiritual Understanding and Empowerment in the ESL Classroom Chapter 12 Creating a Space Chapter 13 The Invitation to Notice and Wonder: Caring About Ideas Chapter 14 Writing Center Teaching: Learning How to Live Our Lives Chapter 15 Kathleen Norris's Spiritual Guide to the Land: A Lesson in Geography and Spirituality Chapter 16 Spirits Rooted in Place: Field Studies as Pedagogical Paradigm for Creating Change Chapter 17 Joy in the Classroom Chapter 18 Mindfulness in the Multicultural Classroom Chapter 19 Celebrating Spiritual and Cultural Traditions in the University Classroom Chapter 20 Assessing the Impact of Personal Beliefs and Values on Classroom Instruction Chapter 21 In the Steps of Sojourner Chapter 22 Honorable Intentions: Mindful Approaches to Teaching and Learning Chapter 23 'My Personality is Where My Heart Is Stored': Building a Learning Community in the Classroom Chapter 24 A Death in the Family: Coping with Student Death at School Chapter 25 Writing from the Heart to Heal Chapter 26 Communication on Education Chapter 27 Conclusion


Sharon Shelton-Colangelo is associate professor of English at Northwest Vista College. Carolina Mancuso is assistant professor of literacy at Brooklyn College. Mimi Duvall is chair of the art department at Northwest Vista College.


Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century was truly a joy for me to read. I highly recommend the book to teachers who are searching to create learning communities at any level in the educational structure. -- Carol S. Kestler, founding director, Arts Genesis, Inc., Tucson, AZ While written primarily for those who teach college undergraduates, the book discusses techniques that could be adapted for use with high school students...very readable chapters...Recommended. CHOICE, May 2007 The chapters in this volume describe counter-cultural, mindful, often surprising, and sometimes moving approaches to teaching. It will be a unique contribution to the field of education, a source of nourishment to those of us hungry for literature in our field that recognizes the holistic nature of teaching and learning. -- Kami Day, associate professor of English, Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS
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