Health of Native People of North America: A Bibliography and Guide to Resources, 1970-1994

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August 1996



In addition to information included in 'standard' biomedical and health care resources, such as peer-reviewed journals, texts, and reference books, this bibliography includes references to specialized resources like association publications, dissertations, agency and committee reports, audiovisual materials, and book chapters relating to the health of native peoples. Includes information on health organizations, facilities, and agencies serving the Native community.


Sharon A. Gray works in the Information Services Department at the Health Sciences Library at SUNY in Buffalo, NY.


...this bibliography will be useful for health care and Native American studies collections. American Reference Books Annual This is the first book-length treatment of the topic as a whole and thus is a welcome addition to the bibliographic and research literature on Native Americans... an excellent introductory chapter treats concepts of Indian health and the role US and Canadian governmental health care services have played. The multidisciplanary coverage, the access provided to 'fugitive' literature such as organization publications and book chapters, and the inclusion of the works of many Native authors are valuable contributions. Recommended for all Native American and health collections. CHOICE
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