Sunlight in Healthcare Design

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Mai 2010



Throughout history, the sun has been worshiped by mankind; it's benefits have been recognized, praised and prayed for, and the potential problems of its presence adapted to. Today, due to recent researches emphasizing the positive effects of sunlight on people, admission of sunlight in spaces became a subject beyond satisfying a desire, but a health related issue. This book explores the patterns of sunlight received by differently-oriented patient rooms in hospitals. Desktop Radiance 1.02® software was used to simulate the conditions in a typical double patient room. The area and location of sunlight patches on room surfaces were considered as analog indicators for the investigation. For a defined setting, seven orientations and three positions of standard-size window openings were tested in different combinations at solstices and equinoxes, from sunrise to sunset on an hourly basis for comparison. Data compiled were statistically analyzed and various combinations of orientation and opening position were recorded. Results interpret the findings and present four proposals to guide hospital designers in decisions related to openings, orientation and layout of the room.


Lecturing as Assist. Prof. and serving as Vice Dean at Faculty of Architecture and Design in Bahcesehir University, Istanbul; also researching on Architectural Lighting and Healthcare Architecture.
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