The Fundamentals of International Business

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Dezember 2011



International business takes place in different cultures and it is important to understand the fundamentals of this cross-boarder trade. This book gives an insight on how to do business across countries with special reference to Ghana and the rest of the world. topics such as international trade diplomacy and regional economic integration gives a clear picture of how trade can be used to reduce poverty. Counter trade tells us that barter system of trade is still alive but on a more modern stage. Theories underpining the study of international business have been discussed extensively and the political economy of international trade gives a picture of country dynamics when it comes to trade across bountries.


Seyram Kawor is a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast,Department of Accounting and Finance. He graduated from the University of Cape Coast in 2003 with a Bachelor of Commerce. He had a scholarship to pursue an MBA in Finance from 2006 to 2009 from the University of Cape Coast. He graduated with an MBA-Finance (Research Option) in 2009.
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