Who's Who of Pulitzer Prize Winners

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Established in 1917 by publisher Joseph Pulitzer, the Pulitzer Prize is now awarded in 21 categories, including investigative reporting, news photography, drama, poetry, music, and others. It continues to be the most coveted honor in journalism. Yet while many publications have been written on the topic of the Pulitzer Prizes, none has provided basic factual information on all of the winners. This new reference tool profiles each of the more than 1,100 individuals who have received this honor from 1917 through 1998. Entries include the winner's name, year and category for the Pulitzer Prize(s) won, birthdate, family, education, career summary, other awards won, list of selected works, and where to locate additional information. Several entries also include photos of the winner.


.,."this book provides detailed biographical information, including the winner's dates, education, career, selected works, other awards, references, and commentary....comprehensive collections and news libraries will want to use both the books and the web site to obtain the most complete information."-Library Journal
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