Intense Electron and Ion Beams

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Juli 2005



Intense Ion and Electron Beams treats intense charged-particle beams used in vacuum tubes, particle beam technology and experimental installations such as free electron lasers and accelerators. It addresses, among other things, the physics and basic theory of intense charged-particle beams; computation and design of charged-particle guns and focusing systems; multiple-beam charged-particle systems; and experimental methods for investigating intense particle beams. The coverage is carefully balanced between the physics of intense charged-particle beams and the design of optical systems for their formation and focusing. It can be recommended to all scientists studying or applying vacuum electronics and charged-particle beam technology, including students, engineers, and researchers.


to Particle-Beam Formation.- Methods of Fields Calculation.- Fundamentals of Charged-Particle Motion.- Motion of Intense Charged-Particle Beams.- Electron Guns.- Electron and Ion Sources with Field and Plasma Emitters.- Magnetic Focusing Systems.- Electrostatic Focusing Systems.- Optical Systems of Technological Installations.- Intense Relativistic Charged-Particle Beams.- Multiple-Beam Electron-Optical Systems.- Methods of Experimental Investigation of Beams.


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