The Space of Dynamical Systems with the C0-Topology

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März 1994



This book is an introduction to main methods and principal
results in the theory of Co(remark: o is upper
index!!)-small perturbations of dynamical systems. It is the
first comprehensive treatment of this topic. In particular,
Co(upper index!)-generic properties of dynamical systems,
topological stability, perturbations of attractors, limit
sets of domains are discussed. The book contains some new
results (Lipschitz shadowing of pseudotrajectories in
structurally stable diffeomorphisms for instance). The aim
of the author was to simplify and to "visualize" some basic
proofs, so the main part of the book is accessible to
graduate students in pure and applied mathematics. The book
will also be a basic reference for researchers in various
fields of dynamical systems and their applications,
especially for those who study attractors or
pseudotrajectories generated by numerical methods.


Definitions and preliminary results.
Generic properties of dynamical systems.
Topological stability.
Perturbations of atrractors.
Limit sets of domains.
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