The Decoration of Cave Churches in Cappadocia under Selcuk Rule

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Dezember 2011



This study attempts to reinvision the life of the Greek Orthodox community in Cappadocia in the thirteenth century under Selcuk Rule. Focusing on the evidence provided by four churches; Karsi Kilise in Gulsehir, Canavar Kilise in Soganli, Agacalti Kilise in Ihlara, and Kirk Dam Alti Kilise in Belisirma, the study analyzes issues of faith, identity, continuity, assimilation, and the effects of historical events on wall decoration in cave churches of Cappadocia. The images and inscriptions discussed provide both examples indicating continued allegiance to Byzantine traditions from local and faraway sources, and a willingness to incorporate new stylistic and decorative motifs from Seljuk art.


Senem Suzek was born in Anakara, Turkey but has spent the majority of her life in New York City. She earned a Bachelor's degree from Gettysburg College with concentrations in both Psychology and Visual Arts History in 2005 followed by a Master's Degree in Art History from the University of Notre Dame in 2009.
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