Korean Endgame: A Strategy for Reunification and U.S. Disengagement

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August 2003



Originally published in hardcover in 2002.


Foreword ix Overview: The United States and Korea xiii PART I: Will North Korea Collapse? 1 Chapter 1: The Paralysis of American Policy 3 Chapter 2: Nationalism and the "Permanent Siege Mentality" 8 Chapter 3: The Confucian Legacy 21 Chapter 4: Reform by Stealth 25 Chapter 5: Gold, Oil, and the Basket-Case Image 48 Chapter 6: Kim Jong Il and His Successors 53 PART II: Reunification: Postponing the Dream 67 Chapter 7: Trading Places 69 Chapter 8: Confederation or Absorption? 74 Chapter 9: The United States and Reunification 102 PART III: Toward U.S. Disengagement 111 Chapter 10: Tripwire 113 Chapter 11: The United States and the Military Balance 124 Chapter 12: New Opportunities for Arms Control 138 Chapter 13: Ending the Korean War 154 Chapter 14: The Tar Baby Syndrome 174 Chapter 15: Guidelines for U.S. Policy 190 PART IV: Toward a Nuclear-Free Korea 195 Chapter 16: The U.S. Nuclear Challenge to North Korea 197 Chapter 17: The North Korean Response 201 Chapter 18: The 1994 Compromise: Can It Survive? 215 Chapter 19: Japan and Nuclear Weapons 231 Chapter 20: South Korea and Nuclear Weapons 245 Chapter 21: Guidelines for U.S. Policy 257 PART V: Korea in Northeast Asia 285 Chapter 22: Will History Repeat Itself? 287 Chapter 23: Korea, Japan, and the United States 290 Chapter 24: Korea, China, and the United States 306 Chapter 25: Korea, Russia, and the United States 328 Chapter 26: Then and Now: The Case for a Neutral Korea 347 Notes to the Chapters 357 Index 393


Selig S. Harrison is a former "Washington Post" Bureau Chief in Northeast Asia and the author of five books about the continent. He served as Senior Fellow and Director of Asian Studies at the Brookings Institution and, for twenty-two years, as a Senior Associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He has visited North Korea seven times and met the late President Kim Il Sung twice. He played a key role in setting the stage for the 1994 U.S. nuclear freeze agreement with Pyongyang.


Winner of the 2002 Award for Best Professional/Scholarly Book in Government and Political Science, Association of American Publishers Finalist for the 2002 Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize "At a time when North Korean nuclear developments have created a crisis in world affairs, we are fortunate to have this thoughtful and provocative book... [Harrison] covers a wide range of issues and much inside history, making this read ... valuable."--Foreign Affairs "At a time when North Korean nuclear developments have created a crisis in world affairs, we are fortunate to have this thoughtful and provocative book."--Lucian W. Pye, Foreign Affairs
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