Fox Control

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Mai 2006



All of the most popular methods of controlling the fox population Based on current conservation attitudes
The control of the fox population is an important part of countryside management and conservation and is needed to maintain a balance in the countryside. Throughout the book, Sean Frain emphasises the need for responsible control of fox populations rather than the needless slaughter of large numbers, which is both cruel and unnecessary. The reasons why control is necessary and the most effective, selective, and humane methods are discussed. The book highlights the need for the hunter to show respect for his quarry while at the same time carrying out necessary controls.


Sean Frain has been hunting and studying foxes using a variety of methods for over a quarter of a century. Having grown up in a rural area and working on local farms, he well knows of the damage that foxes can cause when fox predation occurs on a regular basis. He is the author of a number of books including The Patterdale Terrier and The Traditional Working Terrier. He lives in Lancashire and is a regular contributor The Countryman's Weekly.
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