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Investigates the international and domestic political landscapes in order to understand the constraints and imperatives of U.S. post-Cold War foreign policy.


Contents List of tables and figures Preface 1 Out of the cold: the post Cold War context of US foreign policy - James M. Scott & A. Lane Crothers I Actors and Influence 2 The Presidency and US foreign policy after the Cold War - Jerel Rosati & Stephen Twing 3 The foreign policy bureaucracy in a new era - Christopher M. Jones 4 Foreign economic policy making under Bill Clinton - J. M. Destler 5 Congress and post-Cold War US foreign policy - Ralph G. Carter 6 Public Opinion and US foreign policy after the Cold War - Ole Holsti 7 Interest groups and the edia in post-Cold War US foreign policy - James M. McCormick II Cases 8 Making US foreign policy toward China in the Clinton Administration - John T. Rourke & Richard Clark 9 American Assistance to the former Soviet states in 1993-1994 -Jeremey D. Rosner 10 The Promotion of democracy at the end of the twentieth century: a new pole star for American foreign policy 11 Between a rock and a hard place: assertive multilateralism and post-Cold War US foreign policy making - Jennifer Sterling-Folker 12 The White House, Congress and the paralysis of the US state department after the Cold War - Steven W. Hook 13 Ally to Orphan: understanding US policy toward Somalia after the Cold War - Peter J. Schraeder 14 NAFTA and beyond: the politics of trade in the post-Cold War period - Renee G. Scherlen 15 Interbranch policy making after the end - James M. Scott Notes and Contributors; Index


James M. Scott is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and author of "Deciding to Intervene: The Reagan Doctrine and American Foreign Policy," also published by Duke University Press.


"James M. Scott has gathered an impressive collection of studies on U. S. foreign policymaking 'after the end' of the Cold War. . . . [T]he book is organized well, making excellent use of the editor's 'shifting constellations' image. Scott's book may be used in advanced undergraduate or graduate courses on American foreign policy and will be useful to analysts and researchers alike."
--Ryan C. Hendrickson, "Perspectives on Political Science"
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