Kinanthropometric Measurements and Motor Abilities of Footballers

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In recent years, the performance and standard of football have also increased which led the sports scientists and coaches to think and to find out the various possible ways for further improvement in the field of performance. In competitive sports, the difference between the victory and defeat can be a matter of few centimeters and seconds, some accurate passes and some deadly shots on the target. Thus, at all levels of sports - science has "left nothing to chance". However, sports performance depends on many factors such as motor abilities, physiological variables, technico-tactical abilities, psychological maturity, kinanthropometric characteristics, socio economic status and some external factors. The motor abilities along with technical abilities have been considered as most important prerequisite for all sportsmen to secure the top level performance in the game. A close connection is existed amongst physical, technical, conditional and tactical components. The contribution of various performance factors is a very complex combination and they superseded each other, depending upon the nature of activities.


Dr. Satinder Kumar is working as Director of Physical Education, Department of Physical Education, Guru Nanak Nav Bharat College, Narur-Panchhat Kapurthala, Punjab, INDIA. Dr. Kumar Completed his Doctorate Degree under Esteemed Supervision of Dr. Kanwaljeet Singh, Former Director Physical Education and Sports, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.
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