Competitive Advantages through Clusters

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The world over, clusters are home to leading firms and institutions that compete on the edge of technology. They can be found in developed and developing countries alike and comprise such famous ones as Silicon Valley, London ¿s financial center, ceramic tile and fashion in north Italy, wine in Bordeaux, automotive in Stuttgart and Munich, software in Bangalore, and manufacturing in China ¿s Pearl-river delta. Today they are studied by a variety of scholars from different fields including economists, social scientists, and strategists, but also by a growing number of business practitioners and policy makers.3 As a result, knowledge on the capacity of clusters to promote regional economic development and national prosperity and the role of local industrial policy in creating new clusters has increased rapidly in recent years The present research is best described as being exploratory in nature. It elaborates and extends existing theory. By doing so, it takes up a distinct position within scientific theory that is defined by three levels of analysis: (1) the meta-methodological level, (2) the methodological level, and (3) the theoretical level.


Strategic Entrepreneurship model of competitive advantages through clusters Identification of clusters in emerging markets Case study of German companies in China PLS path analysis of Chinese companies; Practical recommendations


Dr. Sasa Saric wrote his dissertation at the Tongji University in Shanghai, China under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Christian Pfohl from the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany where he also received his doctoral degree.

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