Food, Consumption and the Body in Contemporary Women's Fiction

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Dezember 2002



Study of the subtle and complex significance of food and eating in contemporary women's fiction.


Introduction; 1. The food of love: mothering, feeding, eating and desire; 2. Cannibalism and Carter: fantasies of omnipotence; 3. Eating, starving and the body: Doris Lessing and others; 4. Sharp appetites: Margaret Atwood's consuming politics; 5. Food and manners: Roberts and Ellis; 6. Social eating: identity, communion and difference; Conclusion.


"Even a quick review of contemporary volumes on food and literary criticism reveals a sort of sheepish, amused treatment of the subject, as if it were to light a topic to explore in a really serious book. To Sceats's credit her study argues for the profound role played by fook and eating in most people's lives. The arguments are solid and sophisitcated, the writing clear, energetic, and engaging. Sure to interest a wide variety of readers, this volume is recommended for upper-division undergraduates and faculty." Choice
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