Shakespeare, from Stage to Screen

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How is a Shakespearean play transformed when it is directed for the screen? Sarah Hatchuel uses literary criticism, narratology, performance history, psychoanalysis and semiotics to analyze how the plays are fundamentally altered in their screen versions. Instead of providing only play-by-play or film-by-film analysis, the book addresses and defines the main issues of theatre/film aesthetics. Hatchuel also offers guidelines for the study of sequences in Shakespearean adaptations and includes examples from all major films.


1. Shakespeare, from stage to screen: a historical and aesthetic approach; 2. From theatre showing to cinema telling; 3. Masking film construction: towards a 'real' world; 4. Reflexive constructions: from meta-theatre to meta-cinema?; 5. Screenplay, narration and subtext: the example of Hamlet; 6. Case studies.


Sarah Hatchuel is Lecturer in English at the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne and Teaching Assistant in Film Studies at the University of Paris VII. She is the author of A Companion to the Shakespearean Films of Kenneth Branagh (2000) and has published several articles on the aesthetics of Shakespeare on screen.


"[A] good survey of Shakespeare on stage, from the Globe to the Restoration to Drury Lane and 19th-century realism to cinema." J.M. Welsh, Salisbury University, CHOICE
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