50 Ways to Kill a Slug

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Oktober 2003



50 alternative, organic, natural and chemical solutions to slug problems. Will feature in the November issue of }Gardens Monthly{. A perfect gift book for gardeners.


Know your enemy;
prepare the battleground;
gather your weapons;
enter into combat - 50 ways to beat your enemy, including death the natural way, chemical warfare and the element of surprise.


The most oft-asked question to gardening columns is what to do about slugs. This humorous little book offers fifty ways of dispatching these slimy devils of the night. No longer weep over munched delphiniums, no longer curse upon discovering a row of chomped seedlings or scream in anguish over the slimed hosta. From the totally impractical to tried and tested methods of slugicide, this book will have every gardener crying tears of laughter, the cartoons accompanying each tip perfectly depicting the cunning of the soon-to-be-dead. From Dutch slug-eating triffids to kitchen blenders, salt and nematodes, eau-de-yucca to weed burners.. Just show the book to your local slug colony and you won't see them for slime! A great present for all gardeners and worth its weight in gold to every slug sufferer. - Lucy Watson
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