Sportstech: Revolutionary Fabrics, Fashion and Design

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November 2002



One of the most dominant cultural influences today is sports. The stars are megastars, their faces instantly recognizable. Sports products have become designer labels in their own right, as well as having a significant impact on fashion, from haute couture to street style.


Introduction; 1. The Sporting Culture - how sportswear has influenced 20th-century fashion and lifestyle, from Coco Chanel to Ralph Lauren. How fabrics, design, colours and logos have crossed over to everyday wear; 2. High Performance Fabrics - how protective and high-performance materials, developed for space exploration, the military and the industry, have been refined for sport; 3. Designing for Speed and Comfort - new design processes and techniques borrowing ideas (eg, waterproof seams) from ethnic clothes, and from designs in nature; 4. Fashion Follows Function - from haute couture catwalk to edgy urban streetstyle Glossary of Technical Terms - Directory of Addresses - Biographies of Makers


Sarah E. Braddock is Lecturer in Textiles at Goldsmiths College. Marie O'Mahony is an independent consultant specializing in textiles and technology. She is co-author of Techno Textiles with Sarah E. Braddock and author of the forthcoming Cyborg: The Man Machine.
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