Understanding State Aid Policy in the European Community: Perspectives on Rules and Practice

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Mai 1999



The main purpose of this book is to explain the principles and methods of EC state aid policy in a manner which is both accessible and useful to practitioners and policy makers, by bringing together contributions from Community and national officials, industry representatives and academics.


Acknowledgements. List of Contributors. Foreword; I. Corte-Real. Introduction; P. Nicolaides, S. Bilal.
Part I: Rules and Procedures: Description and Assessment.
1. State Aid Control: Objectives and Procedures; A. Sinnaeve.
2. State Aid Rules: Do They Promote Efficiency? P. Nicolaides, S. Bilal.
3. Is State Aid in Decline? Trends of State Aid to Industry in the Member States of the European Union; S. Bilal, R. Polmans.
4. EC Policy on State Aid: Are the Procedures 'User-friendly'? The Rights of Third Parties; P.J. Slot.
Part II: The 'Guideline' Mechanism: Horizontal, Sectoral and Regional Guidelines.
5. The Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development: The Recent Practice of the Court and the Commission; M. N. Muller.
6. Horizontal Guidelines: Do They Facilitate Job Creation? The Example of Employment Subsidies; G. Cox.
7. Do State Aid Guidelines Facilitate Improvements in Competitiveness? The Example of Maritime Transport; A. Guinier.
8. State Aid in the Energy Sector in the EC: The Application of the Market Economy Investor Principle; P.J. Slot.
9. Regional Development Guidelines: Do They Really Help Regional Development? C. Lambarri, E.F. Ezkurdia.
10. Competition Policy, Cohesion and Coherence? Member State Regional Policies and the New Regional Aid Guidelines; F.G. Wishlade.
Part III: Future Developments.
11. State Aid Procedures: The Reform Project; A. Sinnaeve.
12. Unequal Twins: Reform of the State Aid Rules under Article 94; C. Ahlborn. Annexes
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