Consumption in an Age of Information

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August 2005



Consumption is so dominant it allows little room for alternatives. Bringing together the leading theorists and critics, the essays range across high theory and popular culture - from informational flows to science fiction simulations, from pop-cultural consumption to capitalism as religion, and to the role of 'speed' in contemporary culture.


Editors Introduction, Sande Cohen and R.L. Rutsky 1. Introduction: The Murder of the Sign, Jean Baudrillard; interviewed by Sylvere Lotringer, Columbia University Section 1: Cultural Consumption in an Age of Information 2. Future Advertising: Dick's Ubik and the Digital Ad, Mark Poster, University of California, Irvine 4. Spending Time, Thomas Lutz, University of Iowa, 5. Information Wants to be Consumed, R.L. Rutsky, San Francisco State University, Section 2: The Subject of Consumption in an Age of Information 6. Consumer Discipline and the Work of Audiencing, Sean Cubitt, University of Waikato: 7. Sado-Monetarism or Saint Fond-Saint Ford, James Wiltgen, California Institute of the Arts 8. Closing the Net: Capitalism as Religion, Sam Weber, Northwestern University Contributors: Jean Baudrillard, Sande Cohen, Sean Cubitt, Sylvere Lotringer, Tom Lutz, Mark Poster, R. L. Rutsky, Samuel Weber, and James Wiltgen. 9. Disparity, Information-Hello to an Agonistics of the Future, Sande Cohen, California Institute of the Arts Bibliography Index


R. L. Rutsky teaches at San Francisco State University and is the author of High Techne: Art and Technology from the Machine Aesthetic to the Posthuman and co-editor of Strategies for Theory: From Marx to Madonna and Film Analysis: A Norton Reader. Sande Cohen teaches at the California Institute for the Arts and is the author of Historical Culture, Academia and the Luster of Capital, Passive Nihilism, History Out of Joint and co-editor of French Theory in America.
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