Korea's Globalization

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April 2015



This book explores Korea's globalization and its impact on all aspects of Korean society.


1. Korea and globalization (Segyehwa): a framework for analysis Samuel S. Kim; 2. Globalization and strategic choice in South Korea: economic reform and labor Barry K. Gills and Dongsook S. Gills; 3. Globalization and workers in South Korea Yong Cheol Kim and Chung-in Moon; 4. Segyehwa reform of the South Korean developmental state C. S. Eliot Kang; 5. Globalization of the South Korean Chaebol Eun Mee Kim; 6. Overcome by globalization? The rise of women's policy in South Korea Seungsook Moon; 7. Strangers in the midst of globalization: migrant workers and Korean Nationalism Katherine H. S. Moon; 8. South Korean Foreign relations faces the globalization challenges Chae-jin Lee; 9. Segyehwa, the Republic of Korea, and the United Nations B. C. Koh; 10. The security domain of South Korea's globalization Victor Cha; 11. Korea's globalization drive: promise versus performance Samuel S. Kim.


" important contribution to research on Korea. The essays are a valuable analytical addition to country case studies on globalization, and its consequences on society. The political economy point of view is welcome...All chapters are of high quality in their analysis and content." Journal of Asian Studies "...Korea's Globalization does bring together a collection of generally solid and useful...essays that cover a range of issues related to globalization's impact on the South Korean state and society." Korean Studies
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