Cash Crop Export to the European Union

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Januar 2015



This book analysis the relationship between cash crop exports to the European Union from Ghana and its impact on the economic performance of Ghana. It is aimed at investigating the aftermath of the European Union Directive 2000/36/EC on the Economic development of Ghana by observing the trend in GDP of Ghana. The book provides an insight to policy makers, academicians and for all interested persons about the trade relations of Ghana and European Union. Furthermore, the book provides comparison of the trend in economic growth before and after the implementation of European Union Directive. Econometric and Statistical analysis of secondary data from sources such as International Financial Statistics, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank countries indicators is done. The results is analyzed to draw logical conclusions and recommendations of the work.


Ing.Samuel Nii Lante Lamptey, Studied Masters in Economics and Management at Mendel University. Production Support Officer at FNZ Czechia s.r.o., Czech Republic.
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Untertitel: The Impact on Economic Performance of Ghana. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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