Historical Dictionary of Togo

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Mai 1996



Written by one of the leading experts on African politics, this reference source provides concise dictionary entries covering the people, places, events, political and economic institutions, history and culture of Togo.


Samuel Decalo, Ph.D., is a specialist on Francophone Africa and the Middle East. He is the author of eleven books on Africa and is also the author of the Historical Dictionaries of Benin, Congo, Chad, and Niger.


...the book will continue to be the most authoritative source of reference material on Togo, making it a must-have item on the acqusition list of every library and for researchers, policy-makers, and students interested in Africa. American Reference Books Annual this dictionary provides a very valuable introduction to the history of Togo and would be of use not only to scholars specializing on Africa but also to other professionals (not least those working on human rights and related issues) who seek incisive and contemporary information about this country. International Journal Of African Historical Studies ...provide[s] information which is not readily available elsewhere in such reliable detail, while the bibliographic sections...are easy to use and point to all the classic texts. African Studies Review and Newsletter
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