Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

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J. Fred Weston provides managers and executives with the information they need to understand essential accounting principles, from vocabulary and financial statements to cash flow and valuation. Covering balance sheets, income statements, reporting measures, and even essential ratios, this practical, in-depth book provides a one-stop, reference for all aspects of finance and accounting, and will help managers take essential steps toward making informed decisions based on the numbers they face every business day.


<H2> Part One: Accounting and Finance Fundamentals.<H3> Chapter 1: The Role and Functions of Accounting and Finance.<H3> Chapter 2: Financial Statements and Cash Flows.<H3> Chapter 3: The Time Value of Money. <H3> Chapter 4: Financial Markets and Market Efficiency.<H3> Chapter 5: Business Organization and Taxes.<H3> Chapter 6: Interest Rates in the International Economy.<H2> Part Two: Financial Planning and Control.<H3> Chapter 7: Financial Performance Metrics.<H3> Chapter 8: Financial Working Capital Management.<H2> Part Three: Investment and Financing Strategies.<H3> Chapter 9: Capital Investment Decisions.<H3> Chapter 10: Cost of Capital, Hurdle Rates, and Financial Structure.<H3> Chapter 11: Long-Term Financing.


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