Continuum Theory: An Introduction

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September 2000



A textbook for either a semester or year course for graduate students of mathematics who have had at least one course in topology. Introduces continuum theory through a combination of classical and modern techniques. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


General Analysis Examples of Continua and Nested Intersections Inverse Limits of Continua Decompositions of Continua Limits of Sets The Boundary Bumping Theorems Existence of Non-Cut Points A General Mapping Theorem Special Continua and Maps General Theory of Peano Continua Graphs Dendrites Irreducible Continua Arc-Like Continua Special Types of Maps Index of Symbols


." . .an important addition to the topology literature. . ..a tremendous help for anyone who wishes to learn continuum theory. . .. . . .a long-awaited textbook enabling fundamental concepts and techniques used in continuum theory to be learned in a systematic manner. . indispensable text and reference book in continuum theory." ---Mathematical Reviews
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