Historical Dictionary of Chile

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April 2005



Surveys the radical changes that have occurred in recent years in every aspect of Chilean life. Features more than 3,000 dictionary entries covering history, politics, geography, economics, the environment, culture, and a myriad other topics that include writers, artists, playwrights, and important figures, many of which were not included in the previous edition. Also included are 24 photographs of the paintings of famous Latin American artists, and an exhaustive bibliography of more than 1,200 resources subdivided by topic and fully annotated.


Part 1 List of Maps, Illustrations, and Photographs Part 2 Preface Part 3 Acknowledgments Part 4 Editor's Foreword to the Third Edition Part 5 Foreword to the Second Edition Part 6 Foreword to the First Edition Part 7 Acronyms and Abbreviations Part 8 Chronology of Events Part 9 Introduction Part 10 THE DICTIONARY Part 11 Bibliography Part 12 About the Author


Salvatore Bizzarro is Professor and Department Chair of Romance Languages at Colorado College, where he also teaches Latin American Literature.


...this is a major work of reference that will surely reach new editions and serve scholars well indeed. Essential stock for all academic and reference libraries. Reference Reviews In this 5.75 x 8.75. reference, Bizzarro (Romance languages, Colorado College) proffers 3,000 entries on the history, politics, geography, economics, environment, and culture of Chile, many of which are new to this third edition. Focus is on the country's history since the coup d'etat of September 11, 1973. The reference lists 1,200 bibliographic resources, including scholarly journals, official reports of the Chilean government and international organizations, foreign and domestic newspapers, and interviews with Chileans who lived in exile and then returned. There are also b&w reproductions of artwork by famous Latin American artists. Reference and Research Book News
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