Nazi War Crimes, Us Intelligence and Selective Prosecution at Nuremberg: Controversies Regarding the Role of the Office of Strategic Services

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Discusses the contribution of American intelligence officials to the Nuremberg war crimes trials. This book argues that prosecutors and intelligence officials can engage in mutually beneficial collaborations, but they need to recognise the problems that may arise, as these institutions operate according to different, and contradictory, agendas.


1. Introducing the Rationale, Aims and Methodology 2. Evidence of the War Criminality of the Wolff Group 3. The Geo-political Context of the Peace Negotiations Surrounding OSS' Operation Sunrise 4. Intervening on Behalf of Karl Wolff 5. Protecting the Wider Sunrise Group: Zimmer, Dollmann and Wenner 6. The Contribution of OSS Officials to the Prosecution of Nazi War Crimes 7. Gathering and Analysing the Materials that Became the R-Series of Nuremberg Trial Evidence 8. General Donovan's Contribution to the Nuremberg Trials. Summation: Taking Stock


Michael Salter is Professor of Law at Lancashire Law School, UK.


"Michael Salter's contribution to our understanding of the dynamics of intelligence operations and war crimes cannot be underestimated." - David Fraser, Journal of Law and Society, vol. 32 no. 2 (June 2008) "Salter's book will appeal to scholars of wartime intelligence and postwar is important for what it tells us about the multifaceted and nuanced relationship between intelligence and justice, for its incorporation of the OSS into the narrative of the pre-history of the Nuremberg Trials, and for its new revelations on the long afterlife of Operation Sunrise." - Norman J.W. Goda, (Department of History, Ohio University) H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences Online (March 2009)
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