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Nursing schools were founded in order to meet the manpower needs and provide Saudi nurses. The policy of free medical treatment for all was reinforced at the ministry of health care centers. Nursing education in Saudi Arabia is under the supervision of two Ministries; namely the ministry of health (general nursing institution administration) and the ministry of Higher Education. The first offers nursing education in health institutions (5 years, 4 years and one year of internship) and intermediate colleges for both male and female students (3 years nursing followed by 6 months of intensive training), while the latter provides education in nursing colleges affiliated to different universities.There is no registration for nursing. Once the Saudi nurses graduates he/she is considered registered. However, the Saudi Board System for Health Professions, established in 1992 is considering registration along side with other administrative regulations, and plans.


Professor of Maternity & Gynecological Nursing, Licenced midwife and Family planning practitioner. The former supervisor of Maternity & Child Health Care Nursing Department, College of Nursing, King Saud University. Has more than 35 published researches, author of more than 12 books. Has one translated book from English to Arabic about the nursing
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