Communicating Emotion: Social, Moral, and Cultural Processes

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September 2004



The central argument of this book is that emotion is meaningful and meaning is emotional. The modern world is forcing us to understand emotion in order to cope with new problems such as road rage and epidemic levels of depression, as well as age-old problems such as homicide, genocide and racial tension. This book draws on scholarly research to address, explain and legitimize the role that emotion plays in everyday interaction and in many of the pressing social, moral, and cultural issues that we face today.


1. How important is emotion in everyday life?; 2. How much skill is involved in communicating emotion?; 3. Is emotional communication spontaneous or strategic?; 4. How is emotional meaning constructed through communication?; 5. How is emotional meaning both personal and social?; 6. How do emotion messages communicate moral meaning?; 7. How is emotional communication founded in common human experience and diverse cultures?


'This is a highly readable, informative and accessible book. the author set out to make it so ... she has succeeded in producing an engaging, easily read book on a complex and pervasive subject.' Debate
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