Studying Programming

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We've written this book to support students in studying programming. It is not a text to teach any particular programming language, but to be used alongside such a book, or in conjunction with a taught course. In Studying Programming we concentrate on what other books consider too 'obvious' or too 'basic'. We explain the ideas that others assume you know, we describe the things that can make learning to program a frustrating experience if you don't know them. We stay with you through the process from starting with your very first blank screen to working on complex problems within a team. Studying Programming has been written by nine members of the Computing Education Research Group at the University of Kent. All of us are practicing computing academics who also have a research interest in CS education. So we have a strong classroom background - teaching students on a daily basis - and a strong research background, knowing what has been investigated (and written on) with regard to students' knowledge, conception and difficulties in introductory programming.


GETTING STARTED.- Who is this Book for?.- What is Programming?.- Everyone Makes Mistakes.- YOUR FIRST PROGRAM.- Before You Start.- Writing Your First Program.- The Nature of Errors.- YOUR NEXT PROGRAMS.- The Many Ways of Programming.- Writing Bigger Programs.- Becoming a Detective.- IT ALL GETS INTERESTING.- Grappling With Design.- Writing Your Nth Program.- Juggling all the Pieces.- OTHER LANGUAGES.- Why Do We Have Different Programming Languages?.- Exploiting Your Programming Skills.- Taking Programming Further.- HERE BE DRAGONS.- How Languages Differ.- In Closing.- References.- Index.


Sally Fincher


This book is a significant achievement, meeting a desperate need for the kind of material that rarely finds its way into conventional, language-specific books on learning to program. It should be required reading for all students embarking on a course of study that involves some programming. - Nick Efford, University of Leeds, UK
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