Service Learning: A Guide to Planning, Implementing, and Assessing Student Projects

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April 2006



'There is no better way to improve student attitudes and outcomes than to blend both meaningful community and global service with improved academic achievement. Sally Berman invites her readers to do just that' - Bob Koehs, Service Learning Coordinator, Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency
'This book is full of practical tips for the classroom teacher, including strategies for assessing student learning' - Jeanine Yard, Learn and Serve Program Officer, Michigan Community Service Commission
Service Learning: A Guide to Planning, Implementing, and Assessing Student Projects presents an instructional strategy that invites students to learn content information, processes, and skills while performing and reflecting on authentic community service. The book features nine service-learning projects and includes step-by-step instructions for selecting a project's focus, managing its various phases, and assessing student performance and learning. The projects range in complexity from basic to advanced, and are adaptable to different grade levels and content areas.
New to the second edition are:
o References to current research about the benefits of service learning
o Examples of successful projects
o Teacher and student voices from the field
o Strategies for overcoming potential challenges
o Tips for tapping into multiple intelligences when implementing projects
Each chapter emphasizes giving students a voice in all aspects of a service-learning project, aligning service and curricular goals, and incorporating reflection to facilitate permanent learning. In this one resource, teachers will find all of the elements needed to successfully complete service-learning projects with their students.


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1. The Fundamentals of Service Learning as a Curriculum Model
Part I. Basic Service Learning Projects
2. Clean Streets, Green Streets: A Social Studies and Science Service Learning Project
3. The Lending Locker: A Health and Physical Education Service Learning Project
4. The Hygiene Tree: A Consumer Education and Health Service Learning Project
Part II. Intermediate Service Learning Projects
5. Reading Pals: A Language Arts and Life Skills Service Learning Project
6. The Soup Troop: A Health and Family Education Service Learning Project
7. Computer Tutors: An Instructional Technology and Language Arts Service Learning Project
Part III. Advanced Service Learning Projects
8. Voice of the People: A Social Studies and Library Technology Service Learning Project
9. Community Vision: A Visual Arts and Library Technology Service Learning Project
10. Main Street Gardens: A Science and Visual Arts Service Learning Project
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Sally Berman specializes in teaching educators how to use practical strategies that expand student teamwork, cognition, metacognition, and self-evaluation skills. She developed and tested many of her ideas during her 30 years of teaching science in a large Chicago-area high school. Berman regularly presents at workshops and conferences and has taught graduate courses for SkyLight Professional Development in conjunction with St. Xavier University and Cumberland University.


"Berman's book on service learning is an excellent how-to manual for creating structured, well-managed service learning projects for elementary through college-level students. The introduction and first chapter describe the principles of service learning while the remaining chapters present nine service learning projects that teachers can implement as is or adapt as needed. A must-have resource."
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