Resonance Facilitating Steps in Power Intensive Contexts

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Oktober 2015



This text is about praxis of information systems development in a specific context using methodological approaches developed in a different context. Methodological approaches for software development developed in Western countries are faced with contextual realities in developing countries that require them to focus on aspects either missing or implicitly treated in their definitions. Drawing on experiences in the establishment of information systems projects in the Kenyan health sector, reflections are presented with the aim to enrich the participatory design model (STEPS) developed in Europe. As a Participatory Design model, STEPS assumes a level playing ground amongst project stakeholders; aspects challenged in power intensive contexts. Propositions for methodological enrichment are framed to sociotechnical approaches specifically arguing for the support of empowerment and learning in the methodologies. The aspect of mutual understanding amongst project stakeholders is stressed and analogously understood as achievement of resonance. Pursuance of bonding, coaching, witnessing of learning and moderation are proposed as steps to such resonance.


Salesio Mbogo Kiura studied Bachelor of Science in ComputerScience at the University of Nairobi Kenya. He specialized inInformation & Media Technologies and Global Technology Managementin Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. He later did his Doctoral studiesbased on empirical experiences in the Kenyan health sector at theUniversity Hamburg, Germany.
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