Tunnel Farming

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November 2011



Performance of sprinkler irrigation has been recognized throughout the world especially in terms of water saving. Even though a lot work has been done but still a lot need to be done in various research directions under changing condition. Present study focus on the evaluation of sprinkler irrigation in tunnel farming system and its comparison with open sprinkler system especially in terms of losses and cost,and the results are presented in this book. This book certainly enhances learning among researcher, scientists, students and farm mangers and helps planning research studies. The author appreciate the efforts of Barthlemy Chaton and his team in facilitating and highly acknowledge publishing of it by LAMBERT Academic Publishing, for technical knowledge sharing internationally.


Dr. Sajid Mahmood, Assistant Professor COE in Water Resources Engineering, Lahore-Pakistan has 17 years experience and authored more than 60 research articles with expertise in the organization of technical events throughout the world. And Engr. Azmat was gradute scholar at Centre and working as Junior Engineer in AAB Consultants,Islamabad-Pakistan
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Untertitel: Testing Performance, Field Losses and Cost Analysis during Sprinkler Irrigation System. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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