Elisabeth of Schonau: The Complete Works

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November 2000



In this Classic of Western Spirituality readers will find the first English translation of the complete works of Elisabeth of Schonau, a twelfth-century Benedictine nun who claimed to have a series of extraordinary visionary experiences.In the complete works of Elisabeth are:
-- three visionary diaries: First, Second and Third Book of Visions;
-- a book of sermons, The Book of the Ways of God;
-- Revelations about the Sacred Company of the Virgins of Cologne;
-- The Resurrection of the Blessed Virgin;
-- a collection of Elisabeth's letters;
-- and a text describing Elisabeth's last days by her brother and secretary, Eckbert.Elisabeth's prophetic message brought consolation to the people of her day and a call for firmness of faith and the moral life. Today's readers will gain insight into how the communal, liturgical culture of a Benedictine monastery could shape the interior life and prophetic identity of a woman committed to its ideals.


Anne L. Clark, who holds a PhD from Columbia University, is Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Vermont. She has published a book and several articles on Elisabeth of Schonau.
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