Electronic States in Novel Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures

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Juni 2011



The book is concerned with the study of the energy states, wavefunctions and probability of existence of an electron in multidimensional heterostructures with specific boundary conditions through different solution techniques. To do so, the theory with briefexplanation of the Schrödinger's equation inmulti-dimensions is presented. Next differenttechniques used for solution of 1D boundary value problems are discussed. A comparison is drawn among the methods and then the best one is chosen for the remaining part. Fair amount of concern is applied to this 'Semi-Analytical' solution technique which ensures easy determination of state energy values. Simple and regular multi-dimensional structures are analyzed then. Later, more complex and irregularstructures are emphasized to establish the generality of the solution technique. Size dependence of quantized energy levels in Quantum Dash structures is given special mention for it's usefulness in the Laser technology. Comparison of the results with an established finite element method is presented as well. People looking to analyze Eigen states for nano-structures should find this book useful.


S. M. Moududul Islam, Graduate student (PhD, Electrical Engineering) in University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA ::: Ehtesham B. Quddus, Graduate student (PhD, Electrical Engineering) in University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA ::: Lal Mohammad, Engineer, Robi Axiata Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. All did undergrad in EEE from BUET, Bangladesh.
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