Ethnic Conflict and International Politics: Explaining Diffusion and Escalation

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Januar 2004



Combining theoretical analyzes with case studies, this book increases understanding of the internationalization, diffusion and escalation of ethnic conflict. The essays stand at the nexus of comparative politics and international relations, examining the influence on ethnic conflict of the weakening of state institutional structures, the role of non-state regional and international actors, changes in the ethnic balance of power, and the degree of economic, social, and cultural integration within the regional or global system. The variety of approaches provides useful analytical tools for students, while the diversity of cases from different regions gives the reader a sense of the scope of such problems.


Introduction: The Internationalization of Ethnic Conflict;
S.Lobell &
P.Mauceri Third-Party States in Ethnic Conflict: Identifying the Domestic Determinants of Intervention;
D.Carment &
P.James Modeling the Internationalization of Ethnic Conflict: An Application to Northern Ireland and South Africa;
N.G.Jesse &
M.Simon Identities Unbound: Escalating Ethnic Conflict in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Tajikistan;
S.Horowitz Internationalization of Ethnic Conflict in the Balkans: The Break-up of Yugoslavia;
K.Williams Internationalization as an Explanation? The Development of Ethnic Conflict in Latin America;
P.Mauceri Diffusion and Escalation in the Great Lakes Region: The Rwandan Genocide, the Rebellion in Zaire and Mobutu's Overthrow;
J.Quinn The Regionalization, Internationalization and the Perpetuation of Conflict in the Middle East;
J.Helsing Global Pathways to a Local War: The Case of Sri Lanka;


DAVID CARMENT Carleton University, Canada
JEFFREY HELSING United States Institute of Peace, USA
SHALE HOROWITZ University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
PATRICK JAMES University of Missouri, USA
NEAL G. JESSE Bowling Green University, USA
ROBERT OBERST Nebraska Wesleyan University, USA
JOHN QUINN Truman State University, USA
MARC SIMON Bowling Green University, USA


"A stimulating analysis focusing on the link between internal state structures and the internationalization of ethnic conflict. Ethnic Conflict And International Politics is likely to become a part of the ongoing dialogue on these connections well into the future." - Donald Rothchild, University of California, Davis "This book is a refreshing and powerful application of international relations theory to cross-border ethnic conflicts, effectively examining the diffusion of ethnic conflicts from one state to another and the escalation of ethnic conflicts within the state. The clear presentation of theoretical concepts combined with the case studies selected from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa enhance the usefulness of this volume in the classroom." - Sandra Joireman, Wheaton College
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