Lithuania Ascending: A Pagan Empire Within East-Central Europe, 1295 1345

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A study of the rise of a pagan state in late medieval Christendom against a background of crises in Europe.


Introduction; 1. Central and eastern Europe, 1290-1320; 2. Sources; 3. An introduction to Lithuanian political and economic history before 1315; 4. The expansion of Lithuania; 5. Political ramifications of the pagan cult; 6. The Metropolitanate of Lithuania; 7. Pagans, peace, and the pope, 1322-84; 8. The harshest realpolitik; 9. 1339-45: endings and beginnings; 10. Factors contributing to the formation of the Grand Duchy; Appendices.


"...[a] superb scholarly study...whose balanced narrative and analysis effectively portray the many vivid personalities and dramatic developments of this crucial period in the history of east central Europe. General and academic collections at all levels." Choice "English (and in some respects the first time in any language), the rise of pagan Lithuania during the rule of Grand Duke Gediminas, with attention given also to the reigns of his predecessor Vytenis and successor Jaunutis." Choice "It deserves careful attention from every serious student of medieval Russia and East Central Europe." Jean W. Sedlar, American Historical Review "He [Rowell] has utilized the archives of ten different countries and an astounding array of published primary sources, Quellenforschungen, and specialized studies. He carefully introduces and re-introduces his cast of geographic, ethnic, institutional, and human characters, so that the reader does not get lost...Rowell has written a splendid book and has done so with erudition and zest...There is nothing at all like this book in any western language." International History Review "This superb book is a major contribution to the history of east-central Europe in the Middle Ages, and to medieval history in general. It is an exceptionally welcome and original addition to a series of recent works about east-central Europe in the medieval period that are conceived in...English and that situate this region, and the countries and peoples that make it up, within a new and informed comparative perspective. In exceptionally clear and polished prose, it weaves together political, dynastic, economic, diplomatic, and ecclesiastical history to trace and explain the rise of the Jogaila dynasty to Christianity and the series of unions with Poland that followed in the late fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The, above all else, astonishingly learned." Piotr Gorecki, Speculum
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