Silicon-Germanium Strained Layers and Heterostructures: Semi-Conductor and Semi-Metals Series

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The study of Silicone Germanium strained layers has broad implications for material scientists and engineers, in particular those working on the design and modelling of semi-conductor devices. Since the publication of the original volume in 1994, there has been a steady flow of new ideas, new understanding, new Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) structures and new devices with enhanced performance. Written for both students and senior researchers, the 2nd edition of Silicon-Germanium Strained Layers and Heterostructures provides an essential up-date of this important topic, describing in particular the recent developments in technology and modelling. * Fully-revised and updated 2nd edition incorporating important recent breakthroughs and a complete literature review* The extensive bibliography of over 400 papers provides a comprehensive and coherent overview of the subject* Appropriate for students and senior researchers


Introduction; Strain, Stability, reliability and growth; mechanism of strain relaxation; strain, growth, and TED in SiGeC layers; Bandstructure and related properties; Heterostructure Bipolar Transistors; FETs and other devices.


Edited by Suresh Jain and M Willander
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