Test Your English Vocabulary in Use

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Test Your English Vocabulary in Use:
is a convenient revision aid
builds confidence in using vocabulary
contains 98 easy-to-use tests
offers a wide variety of enjoyable test types
has a clear marking system on each page so progress can easily be checked
includes a comprehensive answer key with pronunciation of difficult words
can be used for self-study and in class


LEARNING;Test 1-3: Learning and recording vocabulary;Test 4: English language words;Test 5: Classroom language;WORD FORMATION Test 6: Prefixes; Test 7: Noun suffixes; Test 8: Adjective suffixes;Test 9: Nouns with the same form; Test 10: Compound nouns; Test 11: Compound adjectives;PHRASE BUILDING;Test 12: Collocation (word partners);Test 13: Idioms and fixed expressions; Test 14: Verb or adjective + preposition;Test 15: Preposition + noun;Test 16: Apologies, excuses and thanks; Test 17: Requests, invitations and suggestions; Test 18: Opinions, agreeing and disagreeing; Test 19: Likes, preferences and interests; Test 20: Frequently asked questions; Test 21: Common responses; Test 22: Greetings, farewells and special expressions; Test 23: Phrasal verbs (1) form and meaning; Test 24: Phrasal verbs (2) grammar and style; Test 25: Have and have got; Test 26: Make, do, take; Test 27: Give, keep, break, see; Test 28: Leave, catch, let; Test 29: Get: uses and expressions; Test 30: Go: uses and expressions; Test 31: The senses; Test 32: Partitives; PARTS OF SPEECH (SPECIAL PROBLEMS); Test 33: Uncountable nouns and plural nouns;Test 34: Verbs followed by +ing form or infinitive;Test 35: Verb patterns;Test 36: Adjectives; Test 37: Prepositions: place; Test 38: Adverbs: frequency and degree;CONNECTING AND LINKING;Test 39: Time and sequence;Test 40: Addition and contrast;Test 41: Similarities, differences, comparisons and exceptions;Test 42: Reason, purpose, result and condition; TOPICS: THE WORLD AROUND US;Test 43: The physical world;Test 44: Weather;Test Test 45: Animals and insects;Test 46: Countries, nationalities and language;PEOPLE;Test 47: The human body (and what it can do);Test 48: Describing people's appearance; Test 49: Describing character;Test 50: Human feelings and actions;Test 51: Family and friends;Test 52: Ages and stages;DAILY LIFE;Test 53: Daily routines;Test 54 :Homes and buildings;Test 55: Around the home(1);Test 56: Around the home(2);Test 57: Everyday problems;Test 58: Money; Test 59: Health-illness and disease;Test 60; Health- injuries;Test 61: Clothes; Test 62: Shops and shopping; Test 63: Food; Test 64: Cooking and restaurants;Test 65: City life;Test 66: Life in the country;Test 67: On the road;Test 68: Transport; WORK;Test 69: Work:duties, conditions and pay;Test 70: Jobs; Test 71: The career ladder;Test 72: In the office; Test 73: Business and finance;LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT;Test 74: Sport: ball games; Test 75: Sport and leisure;Test 76: Cinema and theatre;Test 77: Music; COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY;Test 78: Newspapers; Test 79: Television; Test 80: On the phone;Test 81: Computers and the Internet;SOCIAL CONCERNS;Test 82: Education-school; Test 83: Education-university; Test 84: Law and order; Test 85: Crime; Test 86: Politics; Test 87: Bureaucracy; Test 88: Global problems;TOURISM;Test 89: Air travel; Test 90: Hotels and restaurants;Test 91:A sightseeing holiday in the city;Test 92: Holidays by the sea;NOTIONAL CONCEPTS;Test 93: Time; Test 94: Numbers; Test 95: Distance and dimension;Test 96: Shapes, colours and patterns;VARIETIES OF ENGLISH; Test 97: Notices and warnings;Test 98: Vague language; Test 99: Formal and informal English;Test 100: Abbreviations and abbreviated words;KEY. LIST OF PHONETIC SYMBOLS;PERSONAL DIARY.
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