Nightshift NYC

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November 2008



"Poetically written, sympathetic, and engaging, "Nightshift NYC" opens up an unexplored world of the experiences of those who work at night in New York. An excellent read."--Kirin Narayan, author of "My Family and Other Saints"


PROLOGUE: Nightfall ONE: One Big Family TWO: I'll Take My Chances on the Nightshift THREE: Our Own Little City FOUR: A Stillness FIVE: Stay Awake SIX: You Have to Give Up Something SEVEN: Fulfilling My Dreams EIGHT: I Don't Know Where Is the Keys NINE: All Night on the Street TEN: Call It a Night ELEVEN: I Just Work Here TWELVE: Everyone Is the Same DownThere THIRTEEN: The Real Hard Core FOURTEEN: I'm Here All Night FIFTEEN: Night Boat Weekends SIXTEEN: Night Fishing SEVENTEEN: Different Fish, Different Places EIGHTEEN: Here Is Not My Home EPILOGUE: Daybreak


Russell Leigh Sharman, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Brooklyn College, is author of The Tenants of East Harlem (UC Press). Cheryl Harris Sharman is a writer and researcher whose work has appeared in The Lancet, the Miami Herald, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications.


"No book has ever examined the nature of nighttime work in the city ... in as great depth and descriptive power."--New York Times
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