Humour and Anxiety in Psychotherapy

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Januar 2009



Since working as a psychotherapist, I have found
that the clients who have best been able to handle
life, have been the humorous ones. I wrote about
this for my M.A. at Regent's Colege. I assess
anxiety from an existential position that looks at
how man relates to his setting, as well as how
society's cultural values affect it. Humour is
addressed existentially in the light of the anxiety
of the characters in Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot'.
Anxiety in a psychoanalytic way is seen in terms
of human development, in the context of
Superego/Ego relations. The child's relationship
to his mother is assessed regarding how her
being humorous may affect this psychic-agent
alliance. This piece analyses how humour affects
anxiety in case studies by Spinelli, Yalom and
Freud. How my own humour affected a client's
anxiety is also considered. This is a clinically
useful and original work that will appeal to
psychotherapists and counsellors, as it looks at
a subject largely neglected in psychotherapy :
how humour can enhance working with the
constant factor of anxiety in therapy. For further
information, please go to :


This work explores the relationship between humour and anxiety
from an
existential and psychoanalytic view, in terms of a literary
reference and human
development. It also deals with how humour affects anxiety in
case studies by
Spinelli, Freud and Yalom. Finally, the author considers how his
own therapeutic
humour affected a client's anxiety.
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Untertitel: How humour relates to anxietyin an existential and psychoanalytic context. This subject is explored in terms of relevanttherapeutic case studies. Paperback.
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